My courses are primarily aimed at decision-makers, project managers and other interested parties. They are designed to help you familiarize yourself with artificial intelligence quickly and in a goal-oriented manner:

  • Artificial Intelligence: Fundamentals, Risks and Opportunities Two-day course on specialist terminology, how it works, strengths, weaknesses and risks of artificial intelligence and machine learning. No prior knowledge required. → More info
  • Quickstart: Artificial Intelligence One-day intensive course with a practice-oriented selection of topics from the two-day course “Artificial Intelligence: Opportunities and Risks” in a in a slightly less detailed form. → More info
  • Large Language Models Essentials Half-day intensive course for busy people to learn the basic functionality, opportunities, risks and applications of Large Language Models (GPT-4, Gemini, Llama, …) in fast-forward. Primarily theory, supplemented with practical exercises on OpenAI’s models. → More info
  • (In-House) Company Courses individually adapted to your needs: If several of your employees and colleagues are interested in the above training courses, an in-house course is a good option - customized according to your needs. → More info